Support your existing marketing resources without having to find and hire someone new. Through her professional marketing management expertise, Jill has helped businesses grow by:

  • Working with marketing teams to focus their energy and resources
  • Evaluating and prioritizing new markets and growth opportunities

Jill has worked with several junior marketers providing focused support and guidance allowing management to focus on other aspects of the business.  Jill worked with a marketer for a Saskatoon company in the tourism industry create a marketing plan building the knowledge and skill required to follow and update the plan within the company after Jill left.  Currently, Jill is working with a company in the technology sector whose marketer is unfamiliar with the industry she is working in.  Jill has worked with her on both creating a plan for the company and daily execution through monthly coaching sessions.



Marketing affects so many parts of a business – production, sales, R&D, finance and even human resources. When your marketing programs are not working effectively and efficiently, business can stall. Jill can help by:

  • Developing strategic marketing plans
  • Evaluating specific market opportunities
  • Creating a functioning marketing department
  • Managing current resources to create effective marketing programs

Jill worked for several years with a technology company to evaluate new market opportunities and create plans to enter them.  She has done market evaluations for new products in the health industry and with a non-profit service provider.  Jill is currently working with a company whose marketer left the company helping them set up a marketing support system for all of their divisions.


Temporary Marketing Support

When you need someone right away or you don’t know who you need, Jill can step in to:

  • Provide emergency support
  • Create job descriptions for new marketing positions
  • Work through the hiring process
  • Set up a marketing department around current resources
  • Focus resources where they’re needed most

Jill is currently working with a company that offers services to businesses to develop and execute a short term marketing strategy to increase leads for a new salesperson.  She is also working in the tourism industry to push for growth in one new product of the company’s portfolio while the established marketers focus on other, more familiar markets.  In the past, she has developed a marketing department development plan for a law firm and helped a hockey team find and hire a marketer.



Grow strong. Grow with marketing.