Jill’s approach to marketing is practical and results driven – she aims to put plans in place that will sustainably grow her clients’ businesses after her work is done. This unique and custom approach is based upon three cornerstones.


Finding good marketing support, managing the execution of a marketing plan or leading a marketing group requires knowledge of marketing strategy. What is marketing? How does it affect other aspects of the business? How can I measure it? How do I know if a service provider is providing good value for my investment? A base level of knowledge helps to make marketing more effective and creates a positive experience with service providers. Jill can jump right in and get the job done while transferring the knowledge to your people.


Strategy is just the start – execution is the key to effective marketing. Whether increasing sales through demand creation or building loyalty with a brand strategy, Jill can set a business up for continued success after she leaves. Knowledge and tools provide Jill’s clients with the confidence to see the plan through or even make adjustments mid-season depending on the opportunities that present themselves. Jill will help your team create a solid foundation for business growth.


Growth is either elusive or hard to manage. When it happens or doesn’t happen business are scrambling. An effective marketing function in a company can stabilize the effects of market volatility on a company. Jill looks for ways to invest resources to prolong the good times or minimize the lean times. She can also help create a forecasting function in the organization that will help in making business decisions in every department.



Grow strong. Grow with marketing.